The necessary documentation to be able to claim the collection of a debt

Maybe at the time of making the decision on the initiation or not of a judicial route, we consider the viability in the collection of a debt or if, the justifying documentation with which we have is enough for the filing of a claim amount.

In this article we will analyze what are the guidelines to follow in these cases in addition to the actions to be carried out for the issuance of supporting documentation that makes our claim prosper before the courts.

What is a documented debt?

That debt that is attributed to the documented nature is that which contains supporting elements that can demonstrate that this debt in the first place exists, is in force and that in turn is legitimate.

So that we can affirm that the debt exists, we have to have supporting documentation, that is to say; Documentation that reflects that the amount on which we are filing the claim of the unpaid is completely visible and is shown in breakdown of each and every one of the documents that will be part of our file.

The greater the number of documents and the broader the foundation of the base of our file, the greater the chances that we will have the court to approve our claim and allow us to process our file.

Which are the requirements?

To talk about requirements, first we have to know if our debt has a legal basis to be processed.

For this we can go to our help center to know if our debt can be managed for recovery or not.

However, in general terms we can say that for a debt can be processed, it must be liquid, due and enforceable.

Liquid: Make it a debt of money.

Expired: That the payment deadline established with the debtor has expired and that, therefore, we can demand the recovery of the debt.

Exigible: This is the point that now concerns us since it is the requirement that obliges us to have documentation that supports the legitimacy of our credit balance.